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For information on how to become involved in the Rare Plant Status Review Forum, click here. In this respect regular units will be available only later in the game and with huge efforts - it will be actually the crowning of your work after years of guerrilla. As for the Haidouks I might change them with one of Danova's units (some hussars that look less official).And another interesting revolt i thought about is the Decembrist revolt in Russia in 1825, could be interesting to portray it somehow. This should have been a surprise, but I can't help it so sorry for spoiling it, but I changed the Wallachian militia to a 'special units' of fire fighters in remembrance of the heroes of Dealul Spirii (1848) (for details see the pictures in the 2nd page of the thread where I usually post pictures. I made some minor modifications to a Cavalry unit from the Austrian rebels (changed their hats, and gave them pistols instead of carabines, etc.) I called it Haiduci, though they resemble more to Mounted Pandurs. By the way i found some great pics of Hungarian army in 1848 on the net if you need any. Especially because Bulgaria and Wallachia are one province and Sofia is the capital. Im cutting all ties with BT and so will soon lose my email account but i need to back up some important emails. Having tried to resolve it with BT their only response is 'Yahoo did it'.

Here's a first test However, if the Ottomans are bound to disappear very soon in the game as I suggested before, couldn't we assign the balkan factions to 'eastern' or 'ottoman' culture, or does this mean that other stuff such as weapons, etc. In this case it would be quite painstaking to reorganize everything just to have nice pictures, though ..the game is supposed to begin, Croatia was a kingdom inside the Habsburg Monarchy, due to a personal union dating back to XVIth century. Your right about the haiduks, they look a bit too official with those uniforms. Maybe some Serbian or Polish friends are reading this thread and may want to help us in workin the roster for the factions. Yeah they are definetly cool shooting pistols instead of carabines.

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