Tim armstrong dating

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” By taking risks earlier in your career, you get used to taking them.

You can judge a risk versus an opportunity, and I think that is a skill set.

“We’ve always had really good chemistry together, especially when it comes to creating music,” said Aston. Sometimes it’s kinda like a dysfunctional marriage but a marriage nonetheless.”After selling out the Hollywood Palladium show, Rancid and The Transplants have decided to add another Southern California date: July 27th at the Fox Theatre in Pomona.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has taken a series of smart risks throughout his career that have helped him reach the top.

” I had to sit in a room with [Google leaders] Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, and they basically pounded me for two hours about how stupid it was for me to leave.

At the end I said, “I’m going to leave, guys, I’m sorry.

He is also the owner and operator of Hellcat Records.

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Armstrong was quoted in 'Maximum Rancid - The Unauthorized Biography Of Rancid', that: "If it wasn't for the Ramones, Rancid would have never become a band." After the demise of Armstrong's first locally (and later internationally) successful band, Operation Ivy, it is said that Armstrong suffered from alcoholism addiction, and eventually became homeless.

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To test the extent of your knowledge we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 things most people probably don’t know about Tim.

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