Texas laws on dating a minor

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Since possession of alcohol is an act of juvenile delinquency, for example, providing alcohol to minors would be an act of CDM in most cases.Colorado was the first to establish the crime in 1903 and all states now have such laws, even though most have carved out some exceptions.Adults who persuade or help minors commit acts of juvenile delinquency may be charged with the crime of contributing to the delinquency of a minor (or "CDM").A minor is anyone under the age of majority, 18 in most states.The registry shall list all individuals who are employed, appointed by, or under contract with a court, public children services agency, private child placing agency, or private noncustodial agency and meet the requirements of an assessor as described in this section.

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CDM: Elements of the Crime Every state makes it a crime for adults to aid a minor's act of delinquency. For instance, most states will charge you with a misdemeanor if you offer to buy a case of beer for a teen or host a keg party attended by your teenage son and his friends.

Some states, however, treat the crime as a felony in certain instances.

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