Radar love dating opening lines for internet dating

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He was endowed with apparent extra-sensory perception, appearing at his commander’s side before being called and finishing his sentences.

He also had super-human hearing, able to hear incoming helicopters before anyone else.

I hope we can put that audition clip on the DVD, because it’s incredible footage of him lip-syncing to the Commodores.

So then I had this idea that developed, and I did a draft of the script where that’s a song that means something to him–it’s almost like his security blanket song.

" Radar Love was a hit song in 1973 by Dutch group Golden Earring.

Smith's cousin told Radar Online that the relationship is 'awesome' so far, but she is not 'allowed to talk about it'.

It's a fairly new relationship but I'm really excited to see where it can go!

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Radar's mother Edna lived on the family farm and his Uncle Ed helped out on the farm and served as his father figure.

According to the beginning of the novel, Radar joined the Army in hopes of becoming successful in the Signal Corps, but was assigned to be an orderly in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) instead.

Wood as General Hammond, and the never-seen PA announcer voiced by Sal Viscuso (though this is debatable).

The novel establishes that Radar was from Ottumwa, Iowa, and dreamed of joining the army right after high school.

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