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Women your own age seem too old and mature for you. You would rather be shot dead than be seen driving a minivan. Your first dates end with a “Let’s Be Friends” speech. Your Facebook profile has never read, “In a Relationship.” 5. You’ve lost some of your closest single friends to marriage and family. You call a sex chat line and they recognize your voice – then put you on hold. You only date between March and August, during football’s off-season. You put in a bid for a date at a charity auction thinking, “This is my chance” – and manage to lose out there as well. Married women say you’re a good catch, but single women don’t want to catch you. A woman friend drops by your place late at night with a bottle of wine, lays horizontal on your couch, then acts surprised when you make a pass. ” as the Girls Aloud singer cheekily responded: “No I don’t, not here I don’t!” Chad was clearly amused by her words and branded her “cheeky” but Sarah did not stop with the sex chat there as she hinted that her new beau would get what was coming to him quite soon.“Your time will come Mr,” Sarah teased Chad but their flirty banter was overhead by fellow housemate and Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson who couldn’t help chipping in.In tonight’s episode of the Channel 5 reality TV series Sarah, 35, and Chad, 30, seemed to be sharing a little too much about their future bedroom antics.During a playful exchange between the couple, the US reality TV star told her: “You suck!The megastar appeared flawless on one side of the split screen, while her amateur interviewers looked blurry and distorted—that is, alarmingly human—on the other.

I call upon You Tube phenomenon and makeup artist Michelle Phan, who built a following of more than 4.5 million subscribers—and now has her own line of cosmetics, em michelle phan—broadcasting from a laptop in her Florida bedroom.

“Please do not see my resignation as an endorsement of my guilt as I know I am completely innocent.

I have requested the chief minister for a thorough investigation into the matter and since my continuing in power will be seen as an attempt to influence the course of the investigation, I have willingly stepped down,’’ said Saseendran. Meanwhile, as the news of the scandal spread, a visibly fuming Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who met mediapersons outside the CPI(M) headquarters in the state, put the blame on the news channel. Meanwhile, the opposition led by the Congress are not stopping at the resignation of the minister.

Ten months into its term, the Left government in Kerala has been served its biggest embarrassment on Sunday.

Transport Minister AK Saseendran has been forced to quit over leaks of an alleged ‘sex chat’ he has had with a woman over the phone.

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