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(AMU is the local name for brown rice, hence the celebration of the Annual Amu Festival).On account of the serene atmosphere, the German missionaries settled at Avatime where their graves are located as a tourist attraction.Při vyzvednutí prádlo zvážíme a rovnou vám řekneme cenu. Cena: Specializujeme se taká na precizní žehlení košil. Cenu vám řekneme při vyzvednutí, platíte při doručení.

ACE SANCHEZ/ALITAPTAP – top guy AGLIPAY – ugly kept boy of a foreigner (sounds like “ugly pinoy”)ALMA MORENO – hemorrhoid (almuranas)ANACONDA – traitor (ahas)BACKSTREET BOY - the cute guy at your back BADESSA – gay who acts like a princess BACLUG/BADET/BADIDAY/ BADINGERZIE/ BADUCHI/BECKY/BOLARET/ ECLA-ERS/ ECLA-VOO – gay BETH LOGGINS/BETHLEHEM/BOLSHEVIK - balls BAKAHAN AT MANUKAN – CCP Complex BATIS – bath house BULAG MAKE-UP/ MOON CRYSTAL POWER – beautiful only at night CALADRYL/CATHERINE ZETA JONES – sexually hyperactive (makati kasi)CHORIZO DE BILBAO/DAKILANG LAHI/ DAKS – big penis CHUCK NORRIS/ CHUCKIE DREYFUSS – ugly COVER GIRL – front girlfriend of a closeted gay DEADMATOLOGIST – snob DINGALURETTE/ LILET – young gay DIFFICULT - poor DOKITO PRITO/DOOKIT/HEKYA – sex EVA KALAW/ GEMMA CRUZ/ JEVELRY – excrement FELIX BAKAT – suggestive bulge outline FORTY-EIGHT YEARS – very late FIVE ARAY ARAY – 500 pesos (parang nagbabayad ka sa kolboy)GORA AGORA/ KAIRO – “let’s go!

It's like you were a horse that was cooped up in his stall all winter, and then he gets let out in the paddock, and he's bucking and farting and bucking and farting, you know?

" And after I had finished reeling, and staggering, and after I'd said, "Wow, I've heard rough drafts compared to vomit, and excrement, and saliva, but never a horse fart," she explained, "Hey, it's not a criticism.

Avatime people The Avatime people live primarily in the seven towns and villages of Amedzofe, Vane, Gbadzeme, Dzokpe, Biakpe, Dzogbefeme, and Fume.

There seems to be caves, canyons, very refreshing waterfalls and attractive forest conducive for the cultivation of tea, potatoes and rice.

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