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For the Helpdesk scenario, we will use the following database design: The relationship design of the Helpdesk database This shows the main table of tbl Help Desk Tickets, where information relating to problems/issues are stored.

The table, tbl Helpdesk Employees is the list of Employees who work on the Helpdesk logging the problems.

Once the chart has been created, we remove all the chartjunk and provide proper labels.

A chart sheet exposes the mousemove event which can be exploited to know the position of the pointer at any given point in time.

The coordinates of the mouse pointer are provided inherently as X and Y variables.

We then pass on these variables to the chart’s Get Chart Element function.

(12 printed pages)In this scenario, the developer wants each user to add a worksheet to the workbook, and then to have Excel automatically name and sort all of the worksheets in the workbook.

The important thing to nore here is that this sheet (called the “chart sheet”) exposes certain functions such as the mouse move, mousedown, mouseup etc) that the generally not available to a chart embedded in a normal excel worksheet.

In fact, thanks to the embedded references in applications that use VBA, you can input and output webpages via your own applications.

If you’ve followed our past scripting articles, then you know we love VB script and VBA, like my article on maximizing windows If there is one thing I love to do, it's write VB scripts.

Use the following steps to perform the search: Initially, you might think that you should add your VBA code to one of the worksheets, and write the event handler subroutine for the Change event of the Worksheet object.

If you do that, your code will run whenever the data in the specified target cell is changed, but it will run only when the user adds the name to the cell in that particular worksheet.

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