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It began in 2009, when police officers in southern Malawi raided a bar, arresting male patrons and female sex workers.

The police later released all of the men but took the women to the district hospital, where they forced them to undergo HIV tests without their consent.

According to the Criminal Code Law 2734/1999, sex workers are not allowed to be married. Sex workers are only allowed to work for 3 years and require a number of legal and medical documents to work legally.

For example, they must provide their legal identity, passport, residence permits, HIV test results, and a chest X-Ray to the government.

says Dr Kennedy, who is based in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, part of the University’s Faculty of Life Sciences.Municipalities are allowed to determine the number of licensed brothels.Brothels are not allowed within 200 meters of public buildings, i.e.He went on: ‘I am fortunate in not experiencing moral shock or disgust at any genital act whatsoever, provided that it is welcome and agreeable to all the participants (whether they number one, two or more than two) …no act is sanctified, and none is debased, simply by having a genital dimension.’ This was not coat-trailing.

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