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Men who haven’t reached the goals they set for themselves as young men might fear they will never achieve those dreams, while affluent men who have achieved their goals might wonder, “Is this all there is? I’ll admit that at first I thought his fascination with karaoke was silly. She told him that she wanted to be there any time he sang, and she gave him her cellphone number so he could let her know when he was going.. I hear “midlife” and I start panicking rule #1 on the what not to do… I felt as though giving him space is what is called for. Thanks, Sherry Reply Don’t let your husband control your life find a younger man handsome & file for the divorce. But society is structured so that ‘good’ men are stuck with fat old women that they feel no longer feel ANY sexual desire for. I am trained in psychology and warn women about this all the time. Women were trying to poach him even when we dated because they knew of his high status career.

” The question is: How can a wife cope with her husband’s male midlife crisis? Your husband’s behavior might be strange, but who’s not allowed to do some odd shit in the face of losing their youth and coming to terms with death? If there is anything that’s more boring, annoying, or a bigger waste of time in my mind than competitive karaoke, then I don’t know what it is.. I made fun of him, and after going a few times told him that he should go alone. Just so happens that there was this girl from work who thought my husband’s karaoke was terrific. And thus began a little texting thang between the two of them.. Sorry ladies but that’s how your 50 year old husband feels. That’s why if some okay looking younger woman comes along he will literally trash his whole life and risk financial ruin for another shot at ‘love.’ Our definition of love is not the same as yours ladies. Most of the time, they get mad at me because it’s a reality they don’t want to admit is there. Did they care that I had an equally high status career that required schooling and brains? Did these women care that I did fitness modeling on weekends and dressed to the 9’s? It got worse as we got older and several women have not even tried to hide their intentions when I am around.

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Find out what you should do about a perplexing personal problem or get the answers to those questions about your career.

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The divinations that were ascribed to oracles were not viewed as mere ramblings or coincidence.

Clear your mind, center yourself, and form a mental picture of your question. With an oracle, you have a guide that can assist you in making those important life decisions.

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Not every man has a male midlife crisis, but enough of them do–wreaking havoc on their lives and the lives of those who love them–that it’s become a cultural cliché. He was a awesome Dadto his children but now I see him slowly fading from that role. ¡ like i said damaging harmfull backstabing never againg hatefull words tat cant be taken bak after said n for her to apologize for it haha i got better luck playing the lottery so if i do react to it her next message after tat is no other than well get the f*** out ma house n take ur shit wit u witch she very well know i have noone but her i got nothing ive lost everything and even more damaging to my self-steem n my love i lost a big piece of my life my life b4 her my oldest daughter.

Since Boomers are the ones who invented the notion that nobody over 30 should be trusted, can we honestly be surprised that people become a bit emotionally/psychologically unhinged when they lose the one most important thing in our youth-obsessed society? But the only thing iihave been able to maintain with him iis sex. Sex is and has been a huge part of his life and ours. I swear i promise id give anything and everthin to go back to when it was just me n her ¡!

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